smoke deectors by Kent Coast Fire & Security

We offer services for landlords & commercial properties such as Fire Risk Assessments, Fire Alarm Installations & 6 Monthly Maintenance packages. Ensuring that at the heart of your investment there is the appropriate means of Fire Safety Protection.




Fire Risk Assessments are of fundamental importance to both landlords & commercial premises, the process of highlighting and actioning the various ways that fires can start and spread can only be carried out by a professional.

You should not leave this to chance as the consequences of an improper survey can be financially detrimental and in some instances unfortunately life threatening.

Our team of trained, competent assessors can help to alleviate that stress ensuring that your business/property is in safe hands.

The reports that we generate will carefully outline every eventuality & identify who is at the risk from the potential hazards.

This equips property owners with all the relevant information they need to make a strategic decision on how to minimise these risks.


At the core of every organisation there should be an effective, reliable and compliant Fire Alarm system. Raising an early indication of fire is your first line of defence to protect against loss of life and significant property damage. From adequate sound levels, ensuring everybody hears the audible warning, to the relevant, accurate information being readily available to the Fire Brigade on arrival, there is far too much that can go wrong with a fire to leave this area to chance. Once a Fire has begun it can grow in size & strength at a rate that is incomprehensible, escape routes can quickly fill with flames & smoke, blocking off essential paths to safety, which can cost lives. Landlords & Business owners have a duty of care to ensure that every measure to protect against this scenario is taken. By trusting in a professional organisation such as Kent Coast Fire & Security, you can feel secure knowing that we have taken the time to design a system that will give the earliest indication of fire, and have the appropriate systems in place so that in the unfortunate event of fire, people have the greatest chance of making it home at the end of the day.




In a smoke filled environment, navigating a familiar building proves difficult, for visitors, guests or staff that are unfamiliar with the building, this becomes an even greater risk.

Emergency Lighting is in place to ensure that in an emergency, people can navigate their way to the exit as quickly and as safely as possible.

All of our emergency lighting systems will comprise of suitably placed lights & signage and will be installed in accordance with 18th edition wiring regulations and BS 5266- 1 and be completed with a relevant electrical test certificate.

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