CCTV by Kent Coast Fire & Security
Having eyes on your property or business has become a necessity; being able to remotely view your biggest assets & stream high quality images from anywhere in the world has become a substantial demand.Fortunately the CCTV industry is a well populated market, with a range of products to choose from. There are entry level cost effective solutions for domestic customers which implement a lot of features from more advanced systems. This means that we can provide systems that are competitively priced, that are superior to the the DIY products that are available on the shelf.
For commercial sector clients we can also implement more advanced technologies. We can supply a range of IP, 4G and Wireless options to tailor to your specific site requirements. We offer a bespoke system every time. The analytics & smart features in the products that we use give our clients the ability to utilise technologies such as ANPR, Thermal Imaging & Auto Tracking PTZ. Whether you’re looking to enhance your visual security or just looking to utilise and optimise your current set up, Kent Coast Fire & Security are on hand to assist in your project.


Prevention is better than cure, and a well armed property will have a good quality, modern alarm system at it’s core. The visual deterrent of an illuminated external sounder plays a fundamental role in discouraging potential intruders from making an attempt on your property or business. Technology has moved on from burglar alarms as we know them, manufacturers are constantly innovating their products, which as installers, gives us no shortage of options to help you protect your investment. Wireless technology has been at the forefront of this, allowing us the freedom to expand upon your system into areas that have not been previously covered. This means that we can fully secure finished properties without disturbing the make up of the property.

This also means that we can integrate outhouses, smoke/co2 detection/perimeter detection and even in vehicle zone protection. This gives you complete piece of mind that when you purchase an alarm system, you are investing in a systematic first line of defence. We can also provide remote monitoring solutions if required.


Perimeter Protection, such as gates & barriers, prevent unsolicited individuals gaining access to your property/land. As well as enhanced security, aesthetically manufactured gates can add value to your property. They are an efficient traffic flow solution and can be integrated with your intercom, ANPR systems & Fire Alarms, allowing remote access to be granted for deliveries & guests and emergency egress if needed. From initial design stages to the manufacturing process our gate automation systems are completely site specific and can be adapted to meet your needs.

We are a Gate Safe accredited company which means that Gate Safety is paramount for us, gates can be a potentially dangerous piece of machinery and can be life threatening. Therefore we include all necessary safety systems as standard with our automation sales.


Pre-empted, pre-programmed controlled authorisation of the flow of traffic through your building at the push of a button. Access Control remains one of the most reliable, effective ways of securing your business. Intelligent RFID systems, coded access & video intergration means that by investing in Access Control you are taking control over the migration of authorised/unauthorised persons around your site. We install state of the art systems that allow for easy maintenance, further expansion & integration with 3rd party systems. Coupled with a strong video entry system, adds an additional layer of security & a convenience for staff/residents who can allow access into the premises at the touch of a button or via a mobile application. Access Control is an ever changing, innovative market and we are a company that can adapt these systems to your business/premises.

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